Three Tips For Planning Your Sound Recording Project

My blog will show you what to look for to determine if someone that you love is having a hard time hearing clearly.

Three Tips For Planning Your Sound Recording Project

Three Tips For Planning Your Sound Recording Project

1 November 2021
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Recording professional quality sound that is pleasing to the ear takes high-quality equipment and a lot of experience. These are things that you might not immediately have at your disposal. You'll love the results when you hire audio engineers that understand your project. Keep reading to learn about the role of an audio engineer and how you can choose the best professional. 

#1: Analyze the scope of what you need and hope to accomplish with your audio project

You should plan and measure your audio project in terms of time, labor, and hardware. For instance, recording an audiobook requires a large time commitment with minimal equipment requirements. Conversely, recording a song requires less time, but has far more equipment needs. Understand where you intend to publish your audio to make sure it meets the specifications. Streaming services, for example, have certain quality standards that submissions must satisfy. 

#2: Learn how vital audio engineers are to the process

The audio engineer is the professional that captures the sound you're recording. These professionals create the recording setting that allows you to capture the highest quality raw audio possible. Audio engineering requires an extensive understanding of settings, sound metrics, balance, and levels. Audio engineers also will make certain you not only have a quality microphone but the ideal type of microphone for the nature of your recording. 

Many sound engineers also provide mixing, mastering, and other forms of post-production. This final process provides the vibrant, clean professional polish that you seek. 

#3: Tour some studios and hire the sound engineers you want to work with

Visit a handful of studios to speak directly with the sound engineers. Ask them about the audio recording interface and software they use, in addition to the hardware specs. Choose a sound engineer with years in the business and a verifiable Certified Audio Engineer (CEA) certification. Studio sessions can take several hours, so choose an audio engineer that offers clear and helpful instruction, and whose personality you'd enjoy being around. 

People regularly pay $75 per hour and up for the service of audio engineers. Check around to see the prices of a few different studio engineers before making your decision. Have them play some of their completed works, in addition to any projects they're currently working on. 

The tips above are a great start for anyone planning a sound recording project. Take the next step by hiring an audio engineer that can complete the process. 

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