5 Ways To Enjoy Whole House Automation

My blog will show you what to look for to determine if someone that you love is having a hard time hearing clearly.

5 Ways To Enjoy Whole House Automation

5 Ways To Enjoy Whole House Automation

9 March 2016
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If you love listening to music on your own terms, then whole house automation is perfect for you. A whole house audio and visual system can be wired throughout every space you spend time in, so you never miss a sound or sight. With smart home technology, you can program your system to reflect your personal tastes. Here are some ways to take full advantage of whole house automation: 

Ditch the Alarm Clock

If you hate waking up to a blaring alarm clock, worry no more. Once you've turned your place into a smart home, you can have speakers installed in the walls that are wired to your sound system. That means you can wake up gently to your favorite sounds. You can program your wake-up sounds ahead of time, so your morning and night before are more convenient. You can also use smart lighting to gradually increase dimmer lights and let your eyes adjust without strain. 

Set the Tone for Parties

When you've got your snacks laid out, your drinks mixed, and the decorations set up, you're ready to roll out the perfect soundtrack. By simply touching a button on your smartphone, tablet, or computer, you can pick the ideal playlist for each room in your house. Imagine being able to have a laid-back tune for the foyer while the living room is pumping with energetic beats. You can even change your selection throughout the night to suit the mood.

Take the Fun Outdoors

Traditional home audio systems have to stay put. That means you can't bring your stereo or speakers outside without hassle. But with whole home automation, you can sync up your outdoor speakers to any device. Whether the music is originating from inside or outside, you can seamlessly play it for you and your guests by the pool, the grill, or the porch. 

Relax in Your Entertainment Room

Sometimes, after a long day, you just want to unwind. With an automated home audio and visual system, you can kick back and watch or listen to your favorites. If your budget allows, you can get special, robust speakers with customized acoustic qualities for your entertainment room. Plus, if you want to get up and leave the room for a minute, you can keep listening without missing a beat. And the adjustable lighting can be fine-tuned from your phone so your eyes don't feel overwhelmed by full brightness or overworked due to complete darkness.

Connect with the Whole Family

Want a fun way to get your kids' or significant other's attention? Chime in over the integrated home speakers from the comfort of your favorite chair in the living room. Let them know you're putting on a movie. Then press a few buttons to dim the lights and start the movie when everyone's present.

Smart technology has evolved. And it just makes sense to automate your home. You can enjoy amazing audio and visual experiences with ease. Contact a local provider, such as Evolution Audio Video, for further assistance.  

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